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Dewatering studies for important building projects at the belgian coast

AGT n.v. conducted several dewatering studies at the belgian coast for construction sites of residencies and/or office buildings.

A dewatering studie initially starts with an interpretation of the local hydrogeological condition of the soil based on available soil investigations.  If necessary, AGT conducts additional soil investigations (cone penetration test, hydrogeological borehole logs, soil sample collection, installation of piezometers, ...).  Once the hydrogeological profile has been set, an evaluation based on the building plans is made of risk on intolerable ground subsidence due to the dewatering and possible bottom collapse while excavating.  This way, the optimal dewatering design is drafted and dimensioned for the excavation needed for the project.  The design of the dewatering is done by analytical formulas or with a numerical groundwater model. 

AGT conducted several dewatering studies for building projects of Vastgoedgroep Degroote:

  • Residence North Beach in Raversijde
  • Queens Avenue and Residence Avanti in Middelkerke
  • Residence Kennedy and harbor residence Waterview in Oostende
  • Residence Nautica in Wenduine
  • Hotelschool in Oostende




 AGT n.v. worked at following building projects:

Crystal Residence (customer: Joye Invest n.v.) and rest-home Sint-Elisabeth (customer: Verhelst aannemingen n.v.) at Oostende, Residence Villa Georges at Middelkerke (customer: Caenen Real Estate Holding n.v.) and residence at the Harpoenlaan at Wenduine (customer: Joye Constrct n.v.).