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Dewatering study residential complex 'The White'

For the construction of the new residential complex ‘The White’ in Ostend, AGT conducted a dewatering study commissioned by Group Sleuyter Real Estate. When a dewatering study is conducted, first an interpretation of the local hydrogeological condition is made, based on already available data. If it seems that the dewatering will be complex, because of complications like a subsidence risks, AGT offers a complete study to design the optimal dewatering system.

In this case, the soil profile was studied more in detail by performing electrical cone penetration tests and geological test drillings, the subsidence risk was investigated with a subsidence test and a double pumping test was performed to determine the hydraulic parameters. This resulted in a reliable groundwater model, which was used to design the dewatering system, including the actual dewatering, the pressure relief wells to control the upheave risks and the reinjection wells to control subsidence. Also the feasibility of an ATES-installation (Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage-installation) was investigated, including the maximum thermal capacity via a groundwater model and the clogging rate of the wells based on MFI-test (Membrane Filter Index).