Project info

  • Client Nyrstar
  • Completion date 09 June 2016
  • Research site Lommel
  • Services Numerical modelling
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Dimensioning cooling pond Nyrstar (Lommel)

On the Balen/Lommel site Nyrstar currently uses a cooling pond with an area of approximately 16 hectares to cool the production process. The required cooling capacity however exceeds the current potential of the cooling pond. AGT redimensioned the cooling pond to meet the cooling demand.

In a first step, the flow and heat transfer in the pond were calculated with finite-element code COMSOL. By doing so, the weaknesses of the current pond concept were found, such as the underutilization of a large portion of the pond. Then, improved pond concepts were developed and calculated conceptually. The energy exchange between atmosphere, soil and surface water was taken into account.

Flow in the cooling pond (m/s)


Temperature distribution in the cooling pond during an average summer scenario (°C)