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Feasibility study BTES and ATES in Deurne (Antwerp)

In the context of the urban development project ‘Jos Van Geellaan’ in Deurne (Antwerp), it was examined if a possible cooperation between different partners (hospital AZ Monica and social housing Woonhaven Antwerp) was desired for the energy supply. AGT investigated the feasibility of geothermal energy storage (ATES and BTES) for Tauw Group.

Based on the energy demand, the technical preconditions and characteristics of the future BTES (borehole thermal energy storage) or ATES (aquifer thermal energy storage) system was examined. To achieve this objective, the energy storage systems were designed with thermal-hydraulic modelling. For ATES MODFLOW and MT3D were used and for BTES COMSOL was used. Finally, a bill of quantities referring per item to the technical specifications was prepared for both scenarios as well as a first indicative price estimation (investment and operation costs).

Temperature distribution (°C) around ATES at the end of the cooling cyclus after 20 years

Temperature distribution (°C) around BTES at the end of the cooling cyclus after 20 years