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New Port Project (NPP): excavation of the access channel and the naval base, the ‘Mozes’ project

Recently MEDCO (Middle East Dredging Company) excavated the access channel towards the port basin and the naval base of the New Port in Doha. During the tender phase as well as during the execution of the project, the hydrogeological investigations were assigned to AGT. Already at start, the option of a partial dry excavation was studied in detail. Numerous exploratory drillings, pump- and flow tests were executed, onshore as well as offshore. Several scenarios for a dry excavation were modelled in detail and via sensitivity analyses a thorough risk analysis was presented. 

Based on this investigation DEME decided to excavate the channel over a distance of approximately 3,000 m, as well as the naval base, in dry conditions. In total, approximately 17,000,000 m³ of soil was excavated in dry conditions by means of one of the biggest, if not the biggest dewatering project in the world. The dewatering was a challenging job since the soil profile consisted of a weathered, highly permeable limestone, with a lot of karst features, and thus there was a good hydraulic contact with the surrounding, free seawater. The effective pumped discharges coincided very well with the model predictions for the different scenarios.

Satelite image before the start of the project in 2006.

Satelite image in June 2015: port basin, entrance canal and marine base.

Off-shore pump and flow tests in execution.

View on the 'Mozes'- project: dry excavation of 3000 x 400 m, 18 m below the sea level.