Geothermal energy storage

Via IFTech (, a affiliated company of AGT, we offer geothermal energy storage projects as a design & build concept. These systems take advantage of the high storage capacity of the earth to temporarily store thermal energy. Stored summer heat can be used to heat a building in the cold winter months, while the warm summer months can be cooled with winter cold. The result is a serious reduction of the energy bill and a more sustainable use of energy overall.

The two most common Geothermal Energy Storage systems are BTES and ATES:

  • BTES: Borehole Thermal Energy Storage:
    • Closed PE-loop in a borehole through which a heat-carrier fluid circulates;
    • Heat exchange by conduction (no direct contact with groundwater);
    • Mostly applied for small buildings (individual houses) or larger projects where ATES is not feasible.
  • ATES: Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage:
    • Groundwater extraction and injection through wells;
    • Heat exchange by convection with groundwater;
    • Very efficient for passive cooling of large buildings, server rooms or industrial processes.

AGT/IFTECH delivers:

  • Feasibility and design studies, based on analytical (EED, Blocon) or numerical models (MT3D, USGS);
  • Determination of thermal parameters of the underground with a Thermal Response Test (TRT).

IFTech developed a ready-to-install hydraulic interface between the underground storage system and the HVAC of the building: the heat pump SKID.This HPS-unit is able to deliver heating, cooling independently and simultaneously in combination with a non-reversable heat pump.