Hydrogeological studies

AGT conducts hydrogeological studies for:

  • Fresh water supply: determination of influence radius, potential discharges and environmental effects (permits);
  • Influence of dewatering, sanitations or constructions;
  • Regional impact studies.

The following investations can be executed:

Terrain measurements, pumping tests and monitoring

  • Hydrogeological interpretation of borehole drilling and cone penetration tests (CPT);
  • Well design for piezometers and pumping wells;
  • Monitoring of groundwater levels (automatic, online);
  • Pumping tests, flow test, injection test;
  • Evaluation of well development with Rossum sand filter test en MFI-test;
  • In-situ Physico-chemical parameters: temperature, Redox, pH, EC, DO.

Groundwater system analysis

Organisation of data in open-source GIS (PostgrSQL-QGIS):

  • Topographic maps and elevation models (LIDAR);
  • (Hydro-)geological maps and models;
  • Hydraulic parameters;
  • Surface water levels;
  • Groundwater level time series;
  • Precipitation and evapotranspiration time series;
  • Existing extraction wells.